Arriving after a sunny day spent at Carsington Water, Year 6 from The Priory, Eastwood gave all of their energy from the very beginning!

‘Whether you look to the left or to the right, there will be a voice behind you saying “This is the way, walk in it” ‘ – ISAIAH 30:21

We spent the weekend taking part lots of activities, eating delicious food and leading each other in prayer! Max’s group led us in a wonderful Morning Prayer all about our hopes and fears, and used the Rend Collective song ‘Every Giant Will Fall’ to help explain that with God, our fears can be overcome.

We woke ourselves up with a game and then set to with ‘T H E  T R A N S I T I O N  C H A L L E N G E’ *dramatic voice necessary* where we thought about and practised (with the help of the Team’s acting skills) responding to different situations that we might face in the next few months. Up next, a different sort of adventure, it was time for the walk! We headed off into the local countryside and learnt lots about the area and each other on our way. Once back, it was time for lunch; Hickory Chicken, yum!

The afternoon saw our creative talents flow, with workshops in Art, Dance and CAFOD all giving us time to enjoy and appreciate our God-given talents (we even took the artwork back to school to show everyone!).

A new arrival came in the form of Fr Jonathan, the Chaplain here at The Briars. We met him whilst we were spending some time preparing for our Mass, which was a great celebration filled with beautiful singing (especially Burn Like a Star by Rend Collective!) and brilliant contributions form all Small Groups! It was also the feast of Pentecost, which made it even more awesome!


We continued celebrating with a DISCO, and then Max led us in our final Night Prayer, helping us to remember that we will never be alone with God by our side. Towards the ned of the prayer, Max invited us forward to take a Scripture Card, and suggested that we keep it in our pencil case or backpack, so that when we move to Secondary School, we are regularly reminded of  God’s presence alongside us in challenging time and in times of celebration.

Our unfolding stars in Morning Prayer (Sunday)


After a great nights sleep and a yummy breakfast (cereal, toast, granola, porridge, smoothie, fruit AND boiled eggs!) we were prepared for our final day where we would celebrate our gifts talents, memories and friendships! Kayleigh & Will’s group led us in our Morning Prayer, which helped us to set the theme for the day. We were invited to write down our gift and/or talent on a star, then fold the points of the star inward. Then, we placed these stars into water and watched in amazement as the points unfolded and opened up and allowed the stars to shine all together,  just like we’ve all done this weekend.



It wasn’t long before it was time to have an amazing Sunday Lunch, then join together for our Final Celebration where we received some messages that had been written by our team mates earlier in the day. They were messages of encouragement, love, hope and truth; they were very special to read, and hopefully we can allow God to help us believe these things and also have courage in sharing kind words with others as we leave The Briars and go back to our homes. We packed these messages into our bags (along with all of the gifts and items we bought from The Briars Shop earlier!), waved goodbye to each other and headed home for some rest and to tell our friends and families about our trip to The Briars!

Why not let us know about your favourite memory in the comments below?

Thank you from Team 2017-18, you made the weekend extra bright and extra sunny!



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