“Hi I’m Harriet and I’m on my second year her at The Briars! I love painting, art and also baking cakes, and I LOVE that we get to do that here. My favourite item form the tuck shop has to be our Tote Bags; they’re so useful and also really cool! ”




Hi I’m Ciara and I’m on team here at The Briars as part of CAFOD’s Step into the Gap Programme! I love working here in Derbyshire, and as part of CAFOD’s programme I got to travel overseas to visit CAFOD projects and partners! I’d love to tell you more about what I got up to!



Hi I ‘m Kayeligh, and I am on The Briars Team whilst also working for CAFOD through Step into the Gap! I’m from Wales and chose to work here at The Briars so that I could let people know about the wonderful work that CAFOD does all over our world!




Hi guys, I’m Brodie! I’m from Nottingham and an ex-student of Christ the King, Arnold. I LOVE working here at The Briars, we get to play games and have a LOT of fun whilst also learning about and exploring our faith with the AMAZING people who visit the centre!




Hello I’m Calvin! My favourite thing from our shop has to be the Briars Frisbees! I love playing Frisbee at The Briars, especially in the sun! I also love travelling and languages and speak French and German!




Hey I’m Emma, and I’m from New York! I’ve liven in England for a while now, but love talking about America, especially 50s fashion! I’m LOVING working here in the English countryside, it’s so pretty!




Hi everyone, I’m Gemma! I’m from Derbyshire and decided to work here at The Briars after taking park in Advent Retreat and Search for the Light, which are retreats that anyone in Years 10-13 can attend! They were so much fun, ad left me with an urge to work at The Briars so that I could allow other Young People to have a similar experience!



Hi I’m Lawrence, and I LOVE music! I studied Music Technology in college and love how much we use music here at The Briars! Whether it’s singing in our break times, or music practise before Mass – it’s so much fun!




Hello, I’m Lydia! I’m an ex-student of De Lisle College, and in Summer 2017 I went to Lourdes with Nottingham Diocese. I had such an amazing time, and as a result a decided to apply to be part of The Briars Team and was successful! I love working here and meeting so many incredible young people and staff. Why not find out more about the Nottingham Diocesan Lourdes Pilgrimage?



Hi I’m Max! I’m from Mansfield and attended All Saint’s School, where I was involved in the Chaplaincy, it was so much fun! Now, I’m loving being on The Briars Team, learning new skills and developing existing ones. I love being in the countryside and having time and space to get outdoors and explore!



Hi, I’m Will! I love being creative and playing and writing music! My favourite artist is Ed Sheeran, I’m always singing and/or listening to him! I’ve been to The Briars a lot, with my old Secondary School (St Thomas More, Buxton) and on Open Retreats such as ADEVNTure and Search for the Light, as well as going to Lourdes with a group from The Briars!



Hi, I’m Charles and I’m one of the Programme Leaders here at The Briars! I’m from the small county of Rutland, home to the world’s largest man-made reservoir! I love playing Guitar, cooking (and more recently, baking!) and meeting lots of new people here at the centre!



Hi, I’m Naomi and I’m on of the Programme Leaders here at The Briars! I’m from County Durham and love living and working here in Derbyshire! I enjoy the outdoors, and love to take part in adventurous sports such as kayaking, hiking and caving in my free time!



Hi I’m Tom! I’m a Programme Leader here at The Briars. I’m from Stoke!