On Monday 10th – Friday 14th, St Joseph’s Year 8 took over the Briars, with both halves of the year group working together to build up a community and realise that, however different we are, we are all important and vital to the communities we live in.

The first night, after meeting in their small groups, St Joseph’s was challenged with making their way through various different escape rooms. From spider’s webs to circus tents, Aladdin’s cave to Jurassic Park, each room contained a word to be found. Once they had completed all the tasks, the words spelled out an important message: ‘We are one body in Christ’. To reflect on this message, in night prayer we wrote out what we bring to our communities – our talents, our gifts, things we are proud of – on a slip of paper. Joining these together created a colourful paper chain, full of wonderful things about the group, all different, but united (even if it was by staples!)

After a lovely breakfast, morning prayer, and a game outside, we settled down to think about all the different parts that make us who we are. Our friends, family, our talents, and memories. What makes us cry, what makes us laugh. Sharing these in our small groups, we discovered more about people we might not usually talk to.

After a relaxed afternoon, we got ready for Mass, where we met Fr Jonathan and focused on St Paul’s letter to the Romans, where he taught them to value each others’ different talents, as ‘though we are many’, and have different skills, we are united in Christ. Finally, we ended with a bang, with a truly epic disco – St Joseph’s know how to party! – and a lovely night prayer on being called out of the darkness, and into the light!

All too soon it was the last day (Valentine’s day for the second half of the year!) and the small groups once again had to work together – this time spreading love through writing nice messages about each other. We ended with a spectacular final liturgy; from songs, to poems, to interpretative dance, St Joseph’s Year 8 showed off just how much talent they bring to their school community every day!

Thank you so much for bringing all that talent to the Briars!

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