Being a sixth former is no easy task. There’s so much pressure, with everything from UCAS applications, to looking for part-time jobs (perhaps 😉), to studying for your actual exams! All of us on team here at The Briars completely understand the stress this can cause, as we all endured this as year 13’s last year! That’s why we felt the need for a retreat dedicated to our sixth formers – a retreat in which they can get away from their usual setting and relax… AND revise!

Over the course of the weekend, we ran multiple optional workshops for our sixth formers to attend. On Friday, Kieran and Francesca led us in some cracking group games; from knights, cavaliers, roundheads to Briars’ own “Crystal Maze”, we had a hysterical time making fools of ourselves! Of course, this was all going on whilst revision/study rooms were available in the garden room and the grotto, as well as a scripture room available in the den!

On Saturday, we began with workshops for meditation and access to the very special Briars games room! These were led by Elise + Tabitha, and Francesca + Kieran respectively. In the afternoon, Luke and Tabitha led a walk across the beautiful hills of Derbyshire, where some breathtaking views can be observed. Before mass, we had an opportunity to attend singing practice or preparation for mass, where we learnt the tune for a psalm to Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” – what a banger!

On Sunday morning, if we fancied an opportunity for a bit of sport, we held an incredibly intense game of football in the courtyard, where all sorts of screamers were scored – and an immense 15 minute long “next goal wins” that tired us all out! We also had a chance that morning to visit the scripture room, or spend some time in the presence of the blessed sacrament in adoration. All of this, of course, was optional, and as it turns out, our sixth formers got loads of revision done and mentioned that this weekend away was really worth their time!

We’ve got loads more opportunities like this weekend coming up – we’re definitely going to be putting on more “relax and revise” weekends, but also stay tuned for our “Search for the Light” retreat that’s not too far away!

We’d like to say a big thank you to all who joined us over this weekend, for throwing yourselves into every opportunity, for being so hilarious and open-minded, for making mass amazing, and for just being amazing people! We hope to see you in the future in one of our future open retreats!

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