From the 16th-18th of December Saint Thomas More Year Six experienced their retreat to the Briars to develop stronger bonds as a community.

On our first evening together we travelled through time in our small groups and discovered more about each other. Before bed we spent time as a community playing games such as Dobble and seeing who could complete a Rubik’s Cube the fastest..

We began our first morning with prayer prepared by a small group on the theme of St.Stephen. Next we worked together in our small groups to make a fishing rod. All of our fishing rod’s were unique, some had bait on the end and others had a special attachment to suck up fish as well as catch them!

Our morning prayer display on the theme os st.stephen

In the afternoon we played games in our small group. We needed to work as a team to successfully complete the games. We passed through the electric maze, requested a trapped team member from toxic waste and safely lowered the the Magic Rod to the floor by only using two fingers each.

We finished our evening by celebrating mass during which every group prepared a part of the mass. After mass the celebrations continued with a disco and night prayer created by the Team.

one small group prepared out room and display for mass

On our last morning together we prayed as a community led by a small group in our morning prayer on the theme of the Feeding of the Five Thousand. After our prayer we met in small groups for the final time to write messages for each other about how we had seen everyone show their talents and love of our neighbour during the retreat.

Our final morning prayer display on the theme of the Feeding of the Five THousand.

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