On the 9th -11th October Year 7 from Ratcliffe College joined the community at the Briars.

On our first evening together we thought about how we saw God by creating representations of what God would be like if he were objects such as a musical instrument, a cake and a fashion accessory.

On our full day together we started the day with a morning prayer prepared by a small group. We then discussed our faith in our small groups. In the afternoon we walked through the the Derbyshire countryside and enjoyed a picnic lunch with great views of the surrounding area.

Paper planes used in our first morning prayer

In the evening we celebrated mass as a community, and partied as a community during our disco! We finished our day with a night prayer from the team.

Our mass display

Our final morning was filled with writing about each others good qualities followed by our final liturgy, after which we headed home.

Our display in our final morning prayer

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