From the 11th-13th December Holy Cross Catholic Primary School Year Six and Year Six from St.Catherine’s School to experience an ADVENTure together.

On our first evening together we met our small groups which each had a nativity character that we made models of and presented in night prayer to explore different aspects of the Nativity story.

Our first night prayer display displaying the MODELS we made i small groups

We started our full day at the Briars in prayer as one small group presented a prayer based on the theme of the Advent journey.

Our morning prayer display on the theme of ADVEnture was prepared by a small group

Next we travelled around the Briars to work together as teams to solve problems and complete games that required teamwork and communication to be completed. Afterwards we met in our small group rooms and discussed things like our future dreams so we would get to know each other better.

In the afternoon we took part in either drama, music or art workshops. In Drama we did activities such as Christmas charades. In music we learnt the mass settings and hymns for the community mass we celebrated in the evening and in Art we created some artwork focused on the theme of Advent.

In the evening we celebrated mass together and continued celebrating in our disco. We concluded our evening with night prayer o the theme of stars prepared by the Team.

Our night prayer display on the theme of stars prepared by the team.

On our final morning together we celebrated our final morning prayer together on the theme of being a messenger of joy. Our prayer was created and presented by one of the small groups.

Next we wrote discussed all the amazing things we had done and seen others do so we could recognise our journey through Advent together.

Our final morning prayer display created by a small group on the theme of Being a messenger of joy

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