This Tuesday (25th February), we welcomed the wonderful year 6’s from St. Modwen’s in Burton to The Briars! We had loads of fun, as the young people initiated their confirmation journey. Together, we discovered the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit, as well as the effects that they have on our lives!

After playing a hilarious warm up game of “huddles”, we went into our small groups and started building our own superheroes! Each superhero had one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit as it’s superpower – we came up with some fantastic ideas! For the gift of piety, we had an epic pineapple princess creation. Among the other creations were Hypno and his magic man (for the gift of knowledge, of course!) and “Super Strength Starburst Stealthy Boi”, who’s gift of the Holy Spirit was fortitude. We had so much fun creating these superheroes, and they helped us develop our knowledge of the gifts (and fruits!) that we receive as Catholics when we become confirmed. It was a great laugh!

After a spot of lunch, it was time to prepare for our liturgy together. Each small group was dedicated to a particular part of the liturgy, from setting up the area of the liturgy in lower, to different types of prayer, to giving us a final mission. Each small group worked tremendously hard to ensure that everything went smoothly for our final liturgy – and it was excellent!

During the preparation of our liturgy, some young people had the exciting task of filming our Extra-Ordinary video for the following week! This is a really exciting opportunity to get to know about any upcoming feast days, learn the theme of the week, and discover new ways you can meet Christ/reflect on the ways you have met Him. This video was uploaded to our YouTube channel, which you (or a parent/guardian in your household) can subscribe to! Our channel name is “NDCYS Live” and we’re on the road to 2,000 subscribers – feel free to help us out and find out what else we get up to here at The Briars!

This retreat day, despite being short, proved to be very useful in discovering the rewards of being confirmed but was also such a fun experience for all – thanks for coming, St. Modwen’s, it was awesome!

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