The Briars was joined by two year six classes from the 4th-6th December. We discovered a new ways to pray throughout the retreat as we focused on the theme of prayer.

On our first evening together we met our small groups and bonded as a group by working together to create a model of what God would look like as an object. We made lots of brilliant models such as God as the sport of rock climbing an as a three course meal.

We started our full day together with a morning prayer prepared and delivered by a small group. Next we played games and found out more about each other in our small groups. In the afternoon we embarked on an adventure through the Derbyshire countryside. It was very windy but the view and enjoyment was worth the walk!

Morning prayer on the theme of moses
Morning prayer on the theme of paul

We finished our day together by celebrating mass as a community and by enjoying our disco together.

Our final morning together was started by one of our small groups delivering morning prayer to the rest of the group. Then we spent the morning in small groups talking about how much we have got to know each other in the past two days.

our mass display

We went back to our schools after celebrating our final liturgy together as a community.

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