On Tuesday 1st May we jumped in our van and headed for the coast! Bryony and Steve, Apostleship of the Sea (AoS) chaplains at the Immingham Seafarers Centre, had invited us to learn about and experience the work that is carried out up on the coast of North-East Lincolnshire.

Arrival at Immingham Docks

We arrived at the centre and had a tour, it’s such a great facility even if you’re not coming off one of  the many ships in  port. Steve and Bryony showed us the shop, games room, Chapel, canteen and we even played a quiz about the variety of ships and boats (who knew there were so many types!).

The Seafarer Centre is an invaluable cornerstone of life at the Docks, a real sanctuary for those having travelled incredibly long distances.

See what it’s like: https://www.imminghamseafarerscentre.org


It was amazing and humbling to think about the time some of the seafarers spend ‘on ship’ without seeing their family, friends and loved ones. Many of the routes go through vast area of water, meaning the ship crew don’t even see land for week, sometimes months.

We spent some time exploring the ‘world map mural’ on of of the walls at the centre, we found Derbyshire, Immingham and even Ascension Island, where Emma lived for some time!


We hadn’t realised the impact and extent of the work and service happening in Immingham, we’re looking forward to Sea Sunday on July 8th 2018 when we’ll hear more in our Parishes about the current work of Apostleship of the Sea, but for now check out www.apostleshipofthesea.org.uk/about-sea-sunday!

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