On the 13th December- 15th December the Briars was home to Year 10- Year 13’s who gathered from different schools to celebrate out Advent Retreat.

On our first evening together we met in our small groups to create our own donkey that raced other donkeys to the manger. The donkey’s moved by the groups winning challenges to advance the donkey’s journey.

We started our Saturday together by celebrating morning prayer prepared by the team on the theme of giving even if you have nothing; like the Innkeeper in the Nativity who gave Mary and Joseph a place to stay dispute having no rooms left.

Morning prayer in a “stable” focusing on the theme of generosity.

In the morning we explored world problems by trying to start a business but having it destroyed by issues of flooding caused by global warming. Then we found out about charities that helped people in these situations.

In the afternoon we designed stalls for the Christmas Giving Market which was in aid of charities such as Sharewear and Apostleship Of The Sea. We held the Christmas Giving market after we celebrated mass with our parishioners who generously donated to our market as we celebrated with them in the evening.

To conclude our day we took part in a quiz prepared by some of the Team. In between quiz rounds we had fun playing party games until our final night prayer together.

OUr final morning prayer o the theme of gaudate

On Sunday morning we started our day with morning prayer on the theme of Gaudate. Next we met in our small groups to write messages of joy to each other about all the amazing thins people had brought to the retreat.

After our final liturgy where we celebrated our retreat together, we enjoyed Christmas dinner together that was prepared by our wonderful kitchen staff. After dinner we said goodbye and headed home.

Our final liturgy display focused on everything we had explored over the weekend.

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